Over there

Short film


GENRE : Drama

Produced by Small Bang and Arte

with the support of cnc

Durée : 7'30 min

A mother and her son lose themselves in their own ways: she in her deception and he in his sorrow. Together, on the journey towards a mysterious 'elsewhere,' they will have to learn to understand each other.

Director: Pascal Marc

Assistant Director: Ophélia Noor

Screenwriter: Pascal Marc

Director of Photography: Yann Tribolle

Assistant Camera Operator: Jean Thomas Miquelot

Gaffer: Adrien Chata

Film Editing: Julien Mathieu

Sound Engineer: Alan Savary

Sound Editing, ADR, and Mixing: Côme Jalibert

Special Effects: Anne-Claire Vives

Script Supervisor: Céline Bardin

Executive Producer: Pierre Cattan

Production Manager: Fanette Martinie

Production Coordinator: Eva Moari



Alice (The mother) - Miren Pradier

Lucas (The son) - Florent Tran

School Director - Stéphanette Martelet