French for beginners

GENRE : Pedagogical innovation

STYLE : Learning path, video game

TYPE : Free mobile app

Target : Non-French-speaking adults, unschooled

MEDIUM : Smartphones & tablets

LANGUages : Universal




The first game that helps non-writers and non-readers to learn French

I LEARN is the easy gateway to the French language...

And it’s fun! In each episode, meet characters who invite you to join an adventure: discover the city, complete missions, enjoy the educational mini-games and... revise!


Designed with and for adult beginners who can neither read nor write, I LEARN is free, and offers an easy and innovative method developed by experienced language coaches at the Langues Plurielles training organisation,

Today, I LEARN offers three hours of play and interaction

What you can do with I LEARN:

- Play more than 20 mini-games across three episodes and a range of environments: learn to count through sport, sort fruit and vegetables, fill in a medical form, etc.

- Meet characters and talk to them: GIGI, your flatmate, CASTOR, the supermarket cashier and partner on the sports field, and LEO, a medical assistant at the Health Centre.

- Use the audio-visual dictionary to enrich your vocabulary.

- Pronounce sentences, record and listen to yourself.

- Read and write, and use your notebook to revise.

- Associate words and sounds.

- Learn to read and write in lowercase, uppercase and cursive.

Are you a specialised literacy teacher?

I LEARN can be a valuable tool, either as an add-on for learners attending classes or just as an inspirational medium. We also offer teacher training courses!


The free application can be used as a standalone or as an add-on to the French course. Don’t forget to register for a class!


I LEARN has been designed jointly by the French language training organisation, Langues Plurielles, and the Small Bang creative studio.


I LEARN brings you an experience that combines an innovative teaching method and video play. In-context learning helps you to become familiar with everyday situations and vocabulary. Throughout the experience smartphones are a tool to develop both written and spoken language, even for adults who are absolute beginners!


We have more new episodes in the pipeline and will be releasing them in our next updates.

 Une coproduction Small Bang et Langues Plurielles


Directrice de Langues Plurielles | Maëlle Monvoisin

Responsable pédagogique | Anna Cattan

Coordinatrice de projets | Blanche Pichot de Champfleury

Coordinateur.rice.s pédagogiques | Loraine Dumoulin, Steven Boussion, Caroline Koclejda


Directeur de création du studio Small Bang | Pierre Cattan

Productrice exécutive | Hannah Bellicha

Producteur exécutif | Benjamin Lelong

Responsable des partenariats | Charlotte Lestienne

Assistante de direction | Hadhoum Aïssa


Directeur technique / UX designer | Martin Bessin

Lead développeur | Sébastien Marchal

Développeuse prototype | Laurène Duclaud

Stagiaire développeur | Pierrick Maczkowiak


Directeur artistique 3D | Xavier Guyomarc’h

Illustratrice 2D/3D | Izaarah Chady

Stagiaire UI design | Marion Michel

Stagiaires UI design prototype | Juliette Bourgoin


Avec les voix de : Anna Cattan, Caroline Koclejda, Hannah Bellicha, Steven Boussion, Pierre Cattan


Alpha testeurs | Abdelaaziz, Abdurahman, Ali, Annour, Bolbol, Brahim, Demba, Diambere, Dioncounda, Hanin, Ibrahima, Ibrahima, Issa, Kalidou, Khalid, Khatol, Konimba, Lubna, Maimouna, Mamadou, Mohsin, Molhim, Nazir, Ousmane, Ousmane, Sayed, Shakir, Sikou, Sohalia, Vamoussa, Yacine, Yacouba,


Affaires juridiques | Alice Giran


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